Our vision

" L2L is passionately committed to Total Quality Travel, with continual delivery of value added services. We uphold the highest ethical standards and believe in creating new benchmarks in the service sector."

L2L Guardian Spirit Vision

L2L guardian spirit has been founded to inspire people by an Indian and German intercultural team. We follow our main principle “your happiness and satisfaction is our guide”. We, at L2L Guardian Spirit, thrive in letting people discover life as an adventure that guides you to eternal happiness, through positive and joyful experiences. Especially our travel and tours company of l2l guardian spirit offers amazingly life-affirming and unique tours with focus on wonderful places in the area of Kerala and all over India as well. To maximize our profit isn’t our main goal. We would like to foster an environment that creates more than only economic value. Our vision is, providing help and support to every human being regardless of caste, religion, gender or status. Therefore, we have started to found a social organization that can handle various responsibilities. One of our future projects involves Pranic-healing that we offer as a free service to children or families in need. Our services will include life counselling; e.g. tribal people can count on support to survive in this modern world. We want to ensure that their comprehensive alternative medical knowledge remains for future generations. We are planning to build a home for orphans & homeless people. We aid in providing good education, clear spirit & moral values to orphans and youth.

Our team provides expert advice on the most spectacular sights every tourist should visit and best places for shopping. Pick your Kerala vacation from the array of package options we offer, you could also customize them as per your need and budget.
We offer packages for every kind of Kerala vacation you plan, whether family, honeymoon, pilgrimage, cultural tour, Ayurveda package or adventurous trip.
Our team has profound experience in planning and executing perfect Kerala holiday plans for our clients. We adhere to all government regulations and follow strict safety procedures to provide our clients high-quality services. We never compromise on quality and that helps us to make sure that our guests are having a wonderful and satisfying Kerala trip.
Client satisfaction is our motto, and we thrive to meet their holiday expectations. All these qualities make our organization one of the most sought after travel planners in the state We give you a hassle free, value for money tour with 100% transparency and satisfaction.

About Kerala

Kerala is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in India, Kerala has unique geographical features that give the state a special place in the world tourism map. The land is having boarders the towering Western Ghats on the west and Arabian Sea on the east. The place is kept green throughout the year by a network of 44 rivers.
These rivers, except three, originate in the Western Ghats and create a vast network of canals, inlets, streams, rivulets, estuaries, and backwaters. The backwaters of Kerala are a labyrinthine system that consists of lagoons and lakes which are linked through many canals. These backwaters witness a number of tourist activities throughout the year.
The romantic monsoon rain that hardly shows any furry on the landscape attracts many honeymooners to this exquisite state. The state also has high literacy rates, high life expectancy, and highest female gender ratio and the people are very hospitable. The state also has many ecotourism projects that include many adventures trip and it is a chance to know the nature and wilderness from up close.
The alluring beauty of Kerala has helped it to be named as one of the ‘10 paradises of the world’ and one of the 50 must see destinations of a lifetime by the National Geographic's Traveller magazine. Kerala, the state also offers exotic beaches, lush hill-stations, spectacular waterfalls, wilderness to explore, many sanctuaries, ancient ports, and greenery everywhere. The state is known for its hospitality and if you are currently in search of your next travel destination here is the one calling you. Get ready to explore the tranquil beauty through Kerala tourism package!